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Special Updates Regarding COVID-19

We are posting continuous updates covering the COVID-19 outbreak to keep you informed.

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Primary Infection Resource Consortium

The UC San Diego Primary Infection Resource Consortium (PIRC) is the largest, most intensively studied and well-characterized longitudinal cohort of acute and early HIV infected (AEH) individuals in the United States. With its unique repository of clinical specimens and behavioral data, PIRC is dedicated to helping qualified laboratories and clinicians all over the world expand the scope of life-changing, critical HIV research.


The PIRC HIV database has been instrumental in groundbreaking studies addressing HIV transmission, drug resistance, superinfection, treatment, prevention, molecular epidemiology, latency, sanctuary reservoirs and research ethics.


Data & Specimens

Highly granular and well-characterized, our longitudinal data include sociodemographic information, risk behavior, clinical data, estimated date of infection, treatment data and associated banked biological specimens.


Submit Proposal

Click here to learn about the Concept Proposal process and download the submission form.

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About PIRC

Read about the organization, and our core services and objectives.

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