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Access to PIRC Resources

Hundreds of collaborators have used PIRC data to expand the scope of their HIV research portfolio and secure additional research grants for their projects. We invite you to submit a concept proposal, or reach out to the PIRC team with specific questions you may have about the availability of data or specimens of interest.​

Concept proposals can be submitted at any time, and are open to investigators affiliated with institutions that have a track record of HIV research. They will be reviewed by local, national, and international reviewers with the relevant scientific expertise.


All submissions, whether successful or not, will receive anonymized reviewer feedback, giving you the added benefit of comments from expert reviewers. The PIRC leadership will work with a team of qualified investigators) to provide reviews of concept sheets.

The Evaluation Process

Concept Proposals will be reviewed monthly by the Concept Proposal Review Committee (CPRC) consisting of a Chair, Co-Chairs, UCSD investigators, and non-UCSD investigators.

  1. The Chair or a Co-Chair will triage each proposal to CPRC members with the relevant expertise, and a statistician.

  2. Members will identify potential conflicts of interest or determine if outside expertise is needed to review the proposal.

  3. The primary review will consider lab costs, recruitment, and staff requirements.

  4. The reviewers will also determine whether the available PIRC samples meet the needs of the proposed study.

  5. Statistical and quantitative analysis will also be performed.

  6. Proposals will be scored on scientific relevance, scientific merit, availability of requested specimens/data, and the likelihood of funding and publication.

  7. The CPRC will notify investigators on their score within 30 days of submission.

  8. If investigators disagree with a score or resource allocation, they may file a response that will be reviewed and voted on by the CPRC.

  9. PIRC will track resource recipients’ publications and extramural funding. All investigators will be required to cite NIAID support in publications and presentations generated with PIRC support.

  10. To monitor performance, resource recipients will submit a short progress report annually that will be subsequently sent to the NIAID.

Submit Proposal

Submit a Proposal

Please submit completed Concept Proposals by emailing:

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